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CO2 Dragster Competition

Register for Engineer’s Week First Annual CO2 Dragster Competition!  Students, Faculty and Staff are invited to build/engineer a winning derby car.  Kits are FREE and can be picked up in the Lane Innovation Hub, ESB G85.  There are only 50 cars available for this year’s race, so grab your kit and be creative!  This is a fun event for everyone, so if you take a kit, please complete, and enter it in the race.  There will be awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, in both individual and team entries.  Overall Awards for Most Creative, Most School Spirit, and BEST ENGINEERED will also be given! Registration forms can be found in MRB 340

REMEMBER… The Innovation Hub has all the tools needed for you to build an amazing car.  Just schedule a time and be CREATIVE!    

Dragster Competition description: A CO2 dragster is a wood block constructed into a car that will be powered by a small CO2 cartridge. The cars will be raced down a straight track in an elimination event with the winners moving on to the next race until we get to the last car.    

Competitors will construct a CO2 dragster from the supplied dragster kit following the rules supplied. The kit consists of a wood block, axle, and wheels the rules are minimal to allow the competitors to use their engineering and manufacturing knowledge to build the best car.  This is a STATLER COLLEGE CO2 DRAGSTER COMPETITION!  

CO2 Dragster Competition Rules

  • ⅛” wall thickness around all sides of the CO2 cartridge 
  • Rear axle must be located 1” from the back of the car 
  • Axles must be ¼” from the bottom of the car 
  • Axles must be at LEAST 8” apart 
  • Two eyelets must be located on the bottom and center of the car body one at the front and one at the back of the car 
  • Car must have TWO axles 
  • Wood block provided MUST be used  
  • One dragster per team/student 
  • Car cannot be modified after submission 
  • CO2 cartridges will be supplied at the time of the race