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Statler College has an active and diverse student body that is at the heart of our community. Connect with a new or familiar classmate over a snack at Bits and Bytes, try out various student clubs and extracurriculars with your dorm mates until you find some that excite you, sign up for the Aces program before your freshman year to kick off your college experience and remember to attend Engineering Week to unwind from your classes and learn more about opportunities in your field.

Photos of students around Statler College.

Students in our College find a place to call home, both in and out of the classroom.

Becoming an engineer requires hard work and dedication, but that doesn't mean you'll be spending all of your time in the classroom. As a student, you'll have the chance to join one (or more) of WVU's 300 student organizations, including 30+ engineering specific organizations. Getting involved is a great way to expand your personal and professional networks, give back to the community and gain professional experience, all while having fun.

Hands-on Living & Learning

  • Co-Op Program: gain professional experience and earn a paycheck while earning your degree.
  • Living Learning Communities: live on-campus in a student community formed around a theme or specific filed of study. This is a great way to meet new people and build your network as an undergraduate student.
  • Student Organizations: there are many, many student organizations in our College looking for your voice. The annual Engineer Fest is a great way for students looking to get more involved to connect with an organization.
  • Student Projects: from Design-Build-Fly projects where students design and build an electric-powered, remote-controlled aircraft, to the Industrial Outreach Program in Mexico, which enables teams of students to work with and learn from practicing engineers in a global setting, Statler College is committed to offering a variety of opportunities of students to learn a diverse skillset.
  • Virtual Lab Tour: take advantage of the resources at your fingertips. During your freshman and sophomore years, you might find yourself designing mechanical equipment in our computer-aided design lab, pushing materials like concrete and steel to their limits in our dynamics and strength lab, or constructing a working scale model of an elevator in our mechatronics lab. Learn more about our labs, Innovation Hub and current research projects.


  • Conduct research: after moving into your major, you might find yourself conducting aerodynamics research in our closed-loop wind tunnel, improving systems designed to collect physiological and behavioral signatures (e.g., fingerprints, voice patters, gait) in our biometric systems labs, or working with sensitive electronic equipment or biological agents in one of our clean rooms. And it doesn't end there. In the coming years, our College will expand to include an Advanced Engineering Research building which will add 75,000 net square feet for labs and classrooms.
  • Statler Ambassador Program: become a role model for current and prospective students as an ambassador. Applications are open yearly. If you’re interested, please email us or call (304) 293-0399.

Feel Supported

  • Career Assistance and Corporate Relations Program: get placed in an internship or co-op where you’ll gain industry experience and insight into your post-graduation plans.
  • Eugene V. Cilento Learning Center: our academic support program will provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed in your first year of college and beyond. You’ll receive free tutoring and review sessions for math, science, chemistry and engineering courses. Students from our College are also welcome to attend study sessions at the Math, Chemistry, Statistic and English Learning Centers on the downtown campus. Or, if you live in Towers, you can attend free study sessions held in your residential complex.
  • Fundamentals of Engineering: our Freshman Engineering program provides many opportunities to learn about the various departments and student organizations within them, to help students get involved and engaged with College life early on in their academic careers.
  • Statler Advising Center is staffed with primary-role advisors that are here to help you navigate your time at WVU. They can assist with academic planning, finding resources, and engaging with your education.
  • WVU Student Family Resources adheres to West Virginia University’s student-centered approach through the delivery of high-quality services and programs for students who are parents. SFR provides a support system that can reduce family conflict, stress and risk factors, allowing WVU’s student parents to pursue and complete their studies at West Virginia University.
  • WVU's Study Abroad Program: if you're interested in expanding your international experience, you can travel to one of more than 60 countries while working towards your degree.

Featured Engineer of the Week

Our Statler College students and staff accomplish amazing goals every day. Each week, we love to highlight on our social media an engineer of the week who has been nominated by his or her peers! If you know an engineer who deserves to be recognized on #FeatureFriday, fill out this nomination form and we'll take it from there.