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Founded in 1887, the Statler College has approximately 147 faculty members and more than 3,264 students enrolled in seven accredited academic departments, of which 545 are graduate students. The College offers 13 undergraduate majors and seven dual majors, 11 of which are ABET accredited. It is also one of only five universities in the country with majors in petroleum and natural gas and mining engineering, and one of only four universities in the country with an ABET accredited program in petroleum and natural gas engineering. Faculty in the College annually conduct about $42 million worth of externally funded research and development related bioengineering, civil infrastructure, cybersecurity, energy, energy assessment, environmental engineering, artificial intelligence, heavy vehicle engines, emissions, alternative fuels, shale gas extraction and utilization, and robotics. The College is also a national biometrics research partner with the FBI. For additional information about the Statler College visit