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Admissions Criteria

Statler College admission is based on high school grade point average and math placement. Students must also meet all other WVU admission requirements. Once admitted, students work with their academic advisor to create their degree plan and semester schedules based on initial math placement and specific degree requirements. Each degree plan is tailored to the level of academic preparation of the student to maximize the opportunity for success while meeting the requirements of their intended major. 

We encourage you to talk with our recruitment team or schedule a visit or attend an event to learn more.

Engineering Technology Program

Any incoming students entering under regular or transfer admissions that meet WVU admission requirements are directly admitted into the program.

Engineering and Computing Programs

Incoming students who achieve a 3.00 cumulative high school GPA or meet entry requirements to College Algebra (MATH 126) will be admitted to the Statler College.

Transfer Students

Any incoming transfer student, internal or external to WVU, will be admitted once they meet the WVU Math Department’s requirements of starting in Calculus I (MATH 153 or 155) and have a cumulative 2.25 GPA or higher.

Any student transferring in with less than 24 credit hours and who do not meet the above transfer criteria will be evaluated based on the regular admission criteria.

Math Placement for Entering Freshmen

ACT Math Score SAT Math Score ALEKS Math Placement Test Score Starting Math Class
28 660 75 Math 155
(Calculus 1)
26 610 65 Math 153
(Calculus 1 with review)
19 510 35 Math 126 (College Algebra)

Admissions will be based on the highest math sub-score submitted (ACT or SAT), and the highest GPA printed on high school transcripts.

Learn more about the ALEKS Math Placement Test