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Graduate Forms

Abstract for Final Defense

This form shows an acceptable defense abstract layout. The abstract should include your name, research title, major, date, time, location, abstract, and committee. An electronic copy needs to be e-mail to the Office of Student Services three (3) weeks prior to the Oral Defense Date for PhD or two (2) weeks prior to the Oral Defense Date for MS.

Academic Appeal (Level 2, Dean's Review)

If a Statler College student wants to appeal an academic decision to the level 2 or Dean's review, please complete the academic appeal.

Admission to Candidacy for the Ph.D.

After admission to the program and after the residence requirements are met, the applicant will take a candidacy examination in which the student must demonstrate: (a) a grasp of the important phases and problems of the field of study and an appreciation of their relation to other fields of human knowledge and accomplishments, and (b) the ability to employ the instruments of research developed in the student's area of interest. When an applicant has passed the comprehensive examination, the student will be formally admitted to candidacy for the doctoral degree. A student will have only one opportunity for reexamination.

Alumni Data Form

The alumni data form must be completed in the semester the student is graduating.

Annual Evaluation Form for GR Students

The evaluation form must be completed by the student and either research advisor, graduate program coordinator, or work supervisor before the end of each Fall Semester.

Application for Graduation

The Graduation Application can be completed on-line through your WVU Portal account:

  1. Log into your WVU Portal account:
  2. Click on the STAR button
  3. Click on the link 'Student Services and Housing'
  4. Click 'Student Records'
  5. Click on 'Apply to Graduate'

Doctoral students need the following information to fill out the application: semester of admission to candidacy, date of passage of qualifying exam, dissertation title, and names of committee members.

Graduation applications are only good for one semester. If you applied any other semester and did NOT graduate then you will need to re-apply to graduate.

Graduation Applications deadlines can be found at:

Application for Transfer of Graduate Credit to WVU

A student wishing to apply graduate credit earned at another institution to a graduate degree at WVU must complete an application for transfer of graduate credit to WVU and have an official Transcript submitted to the WVU Office of Admissions from the external institution. A maximum of 12 semester hours from other institutions may be acceptable for credit at WVU in master's degree programs in the Statler College. Departmental programs may choose to accept fewer transfer credit hours. The approval of transfer credit to a doctoral degree program is at the discretion of the student's advisory and examining committee.

Course Substitution

A course substitution is made when a student desires to substitute one course for a required course. The details of the request should first be discuss with your graduate coordinator. Complete the course substitution request and submit the form to Student Services in MRB 340.

ETD Submission

More information and deadlines for the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) submission can be found at

Final Approval Form

The Final Approval Form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Services at least one week prior to graduation.

Final Approval Form [Course Work Option]

The Course Work Final Approval Form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Services at least one week prior to graduation.

Graduate Faculty

This form lists those faculty in the College that have been reviewed and appointed to the graduate faculty. Faculty holding a regular appointment to the graduate faculty can chair an academic examination committee (AEC). Faculty holding associate appointment can only serve as a member of the AEC.

Graduation Checklist (GR)

This checklist includes a list of forms needed for graduation and the deadlines for the upcoming semester. It is the student's responsibility to meet all deadlines. Failure to meet the specified deadlines may result in delay of graduation to the following semester. Any questions should be sent to

Independent Study for GR Students

Independent study courses, XXX 695 for M.S. students, or XXX 795 for Ph.D. students, are used when a student requires knowledge in a particular area for successful completion of his/her research program and a course of this type is not offered or expected to be offered in the immediate future in the University; further the students feels that he/she could not learn this course on his/her own but needs a structure and regular guidance from a faculty member that has expertise in this area. Independent Study courses are NOT intended for earning credit for research problems. It is the responsibility of the student to see that this statement of course exceptions is prepared in writing. This petition must be completed before a student may be enrolled in the course.

Plan of Study Committee Modification

Any revisions to a plan of study (including any changes in the AEC) will necessitate submission of a revised plan which incorporates all approved signatures. Any changes to the AEC must be signed by the previous and new members of the committee. In addition, the removal of any member of the AEC requires submittal of the Plan of Study Attachment form.

Plan of Study M.S. SAFM

This is the plan of study template for students in safety management program.

Plan of Study M.S.

This is the plan of study template for students in the Statler College's master programs.

Plan of Study Ph.D.

This is the plan of study template for students in the Statler College's doctoral programs.

Plan of Study Supplement - MMAE

Attached is the supplement plan of study for the students within the Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering Department.

Request for Course Override

This form is to be used to request an override for a course within the Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources. Please fill out this form in its entirety and submit. A detailed reason should be given for this request. The form will close on the first day of the semester.

Submission of this form DOES NOT guarantee your override will be approved. If approved, it is the students responsibility to register for the class before the end of the registration period. Questions can be sent to

Request for Final Exam

A Request for Final Exam must be submitted to the Office of Student Services two weeks prior to the oral/final defense for the master's degree and three weeks prior to the oral/final defense for the doctoral degree.