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I don't know what specific type of engineering I want to pursue. How do I choose?

All students enter the Statler College in a general freshman year. During your freshman year, you will take an engineering orientation that introduces you to all of our majors. You will also attend out of class experiences that can introduce you to the majors and you will attend department visitations so that you can see all of your options. Your advisor is always willing to talk to you about your options, as well. You can meet with upperclassmen and faculty members, too.

When do I declare what engineering major I want to pursue?

You can declare your major at any time with your advisor. Your major will change after you complete the following six core classes with a grade of C or better: ENGR 101, ENGR 199, ENGL 101, MATH 155, CHEM 115, and ENGR 102. Students will fill out a major declaration form to officially enter the major.

How do I apply to the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources?

When applying to West Virginia University, there will be a question on the main application about which school or college you want to apply to. Future engineering students should mark the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources. You can list the engineering major that you plan to pursue or just list engineering if you're not sure. You can apply at:

How do I apply for scholarships?

Your application to West Virginia University will also be your application to University and College level scholarships. College scholarships are awarded based on standardized test scores and your high school GPA. Main WVU scholarships are both merit and need based.

What residence hall should I live in during my freshman year?

It is recommended that engineering students live in Braxton Tower on the Evansdale campus. The Statler College recommends this because it is beneficial for our students to live in close proximity to other engineering students so that they can work together on homework and projects. Organized study sessions are held in Braxton Tower prior to chemistry and calculus tests. Additionally, Braxton Tower is close to the Statler College, making the facilities easily accessible. Two other great options, if you are in the Honors College, are Lincoln Hall or Honors Hall.

Are internships required for graduation?

No, internships are not required, but having relevant work experience will make you more employable upon graduation, and are highly encouraged.

What is the difference between an internship and a co-op?

Internships typically run for 10-12 weeks in the summer. Generally there is no requirement or expectation to return to the same internship in subsequent summers. A cooperative learning opportunity, or co-op, is a program where you leave school for a semester to work in industry. Then you will typically alternate between taking classes and working with the same company every other semester. Both co-ops and internships are usually paid. Each internship/co-op will have different requirements and conditions.

How do I find an internship or co-op?

There are many ways to find internships or co-ops. Employers post job listings on Handshake, and students can attend on-campus engineering and computer science career fairs to find internships, co-ops, and full-time jobs. Students can also network through family, friends, and professional organizations to find job placements. When looking for a job placement, students should work with Statler College's Career Services.

Can I study abroad while pursuing an engineering degree?

It is possible to study abroad while earning an engineering or computer science degree. It is essential that you begin planning early if you want to study abroad. Talk with your advisor to decide which study abroad experience will fit best with your curriculum, and also work with the Statler College's study abroad coordinator.

Are there research opportunities available to undergraduate students?

Yes, undergraduate students can get involved in research with faculty members and through summer research experiences. For more information about undergraduate research opportunities:

Where is Morgantown, West Virginia located?

Morgantown is located in north central West Virginia and is approximately an hour and a half south of Pittsburgh, Pa. It is about three and a half hours from Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Md.

Will I have time to participate in extracurricular activities as an engineering student?

Our engineering students have tough schedules, and it will require a substantial amount of time and effort from the student to do well in classes. However, with good time management it is possible to participate in extracurricular activities while pursuing an engineering degree. Many of our engineering students participate in intramural sports, student organizations, marching band, and even varsity athletics.

If I'm struggling in a class, where can I find help?

If you need help in a class, you have options for seeking help. You can get free tutoring in the Eugene V. Cilento Learning Center or at one of the subject-specific learning centers on campus. A list of private tutors, that can be hired, is also available. All professors have office hours, so that you can seek help from them, too.

How do I find out who my advisor is?

Students will be assigned an advisor early in the fall semester of their freshman year and will receive an email letting them know who their advisor is. You can see who your advisor will be by logging into the WVU Portal and navigating to DegreeWorks.

Why do I have to meet with an advisor?

Advisors are provided to help students make academic decisions. They not only assist you with choosing classes, but you can talk to them about other opportunities such as studying abroad, doing an internship or co-op, getting involved in research, etc. You should also speak with your advisor before dropping a class or making any big decisions that will affect your academics.

If I want to transfer out of engineering, what is the process?

Meet with your advisor. If you are still in the freshman program, you'll need to set up an additional appointment with our Assistant Dean or Student Success Coordinator.

If I want to add a minor or second major, what is the process?

You need to visit student services located in 141 Engineering Sciences Building, they will be able to help you.

If I failed a class, what can I do about it?

In most cases, you will need to retake the course. You should meet with your advisor to discuss your options such as the D/F repeat policy. For more information about this policy:

How do I check my Academic Enrichment total?

Here is where you can check your Academic Enrichment weekly total. If you still have questions, you can contact the Eugene V. Cilento Learning Center coordinator to check your hours.

How do I find about what student organizations are available for me to join?

Each year, the Statler College hosts EngineerFest in the first weeks of school. This event is an opportunity for students to meet with all of the Statler College's student organizations. Also, students can ask their advisor how to get involved in student organizations. Look for flyers posted around the College to see the times for general meetings. You can find information about student organizations in the Student Life/Student Organizations Section.

How do I choose classes each semester?

Each semester, you'll meet with your advisor to decide what classes to take the next semester. After your advising appointment, it is your responsibility to go online to find a schedule of those classes that works for you. Students should create several schedule options in case certain classes are filled at registration. You will not be able to register for classes unless you meet with your advisor every semester.

I'm having problems registering, what do I do?

When you register, you may encounter various errors. Your advisor can work with you to solve the problem.

I'm getting a registration error that says "level restriction." What does this mean?

If you are receiving a registration error that says "level restriction," it is because you are trying to register for a class that is not taught on WVU's main campus. Make sure you select "main campus" prior to searching for classes.

I'm getting a registration error that says "college restriction." What does this mean?

College restriction means that you are attempting to register for a course that is specific to a certain college. Please check to make sure you are eligible for that section.

I'm getting a registration error that says "major restriction." What does this mean?

This means that the course you are attempting to register for is specific to a major. Please check to make sure you are eligible for that section.

I have holds on my account, and I can't register for classes. How can I fix this?

You can view your holds on STAR. Call the department that the hold is from. They can direct you as to how to remove the hold.

Parking: For parking holds, please call the parking office at 304-293-5542.

Immunization: For immunization holds, please call Well WVU at 304-293-9355.

Advising Please see your advisor to have this hold removed. You must have an advising appointment to have your advising hold removed.

All of the classes I wanted to register for are full; what do I do?

Try to find another section or course that you would be interested in. If this isn't possible, please contact the teacher and inquire whether they are signing extra students into their seats. Please know sometimes extra seats physical cannot be put into classes.

Do I really have to meet with an advisor every semester?

Yes. It is important to speak with an advisor to determine what courses you should take in the coming semester and how you are doing with classes and college life during your current semester.

How many hours should I expect to take each semester?

That depends on whether you are a full time student or part time student. Full time students must take at least 12 credit hours. Most engineering students should expect to take 15-18 credit hours per semester.

What happens if I fall below full-time?

Falling below full time can affect your financial aid status. Please speak with your advisor before dropping courses during the semester. They can recommend courses to be picked up half way through a semester, or other correct courses of action.

Are you allowed to tell my parents about how I'm doing in school?

Parents may only know about the status of their student's progress in school with the student's permission. You may give your parents access to your account through the MIX parent portal:

I want to take classes at home over the summer. What should I do?

You should discuss this with your advisor during an advising appointment. Your advisor can help you find a class that will count toward your curriculum and transfer back into WVU.

I took AP classes in high school. Will these classes count in college?

WVU accepts several AP classes for college credit, as long as you make the required passing grade on the AP test. These could count as science, math, or general elective courses.

I'm thinking about transferring from a different school. What is the process?

In order to transfer from another school, you must at least have a 2.50 cumulative GPA from all institutions and be ready to enroll in calculus. You must apply to WVU and send all your official transcripts to the WVU Admissions office.

If I took classes at another college or university, how will I know if the credit will transfer?

The only official way to know what will transfer is to apply and send in your transcripts. You can also use our transfer equivalency system.

How many people will be in my classes?

Class sizes at WVU vary. In general courses, there could be 25-300 students per class. Freshmen engineering courses are between 40-50 people, except Engineering 199, which holds about 200 people. As students break into their individual engineering majors, classes will reduce to 20-30 people.

How do I travel between campuses?

Students can take either the Personal Rapid Transit System, a monorail like system that provides 5 stops on main WVU campus and downtown Morgantown, as well as all city and WVU buses, for free with their WVU Student identification card. You should plan 25-30 minutes between classes. Classes on Evansdale start on the hour and classes downtown start on the half hour.

Will I have classes on both campuses?

Yes. During your freshman year you will spend approximately 70 percent of class time on the downtown campus and 30 percent on the Evansdale campus. As you progress more classes will be on the Evansdale campus.