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What to Do Before Registration

Troubleshooting Errors on Registration Day

  • Be sure to scroll down after registering for courses. If you have an error in registration, you’ll see them listed near the bottom of the page.
  • Department Approval – This error means the section you are registering for is reserved for a specific cohort of student. The most common reasons this occurs:
    • A non-Honors student is trying to add an Honors section (“H0#)
    • PHYS majors only sections
    • Emerging Scholars MATH sections (section 500)
  • Level Restriction – This error means you are trying to add a section that is not on the Morgantown campus, but offered either on the Keyser or Beckley campus (sections “P0#” or “T0#”). You’ll need to select another section.
  • Other common errors include:
    • Link Error
    • Pre-requisite and Test Score Error
    • Field of Study
    • Time Conflict

If you have trouble on the day of registration, stop by the Statler College Advising Center during regular operating hours (8:15a – 4:45p, Monday-Friday) for assistance.