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Mid-Year Academy

Mid-Year Academy is a formal probation program designed to guide students who have earned less than a 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)back to good academic standing.

During Mid-Year Academy, students will enter into a contract with the Statler College to establish a clear set of expectations for the term or semester. As part of this contract, students must:

  1. Complete the Statler College Mid-Year Academy Module
  2. Meet with their assigned Academic Advisor twice during the semester
  3. Complete the Statler College Mid-Year Academy Contract
  4. Enroll in ENGR 150: Academic Success Skills - 1 credit hour
    1. Meet with an assigned Success Coach weekly throughout the semester
    2. Attend a weekly Engineering Learning Center Tutor Visit
    3. Complete Student Lingo: Success Strategies for Probation Students

The first meeting with an academic advisor will occur after the student has completed the Mid-Year Academy Module. During this meeting, students and their advisor will create a plan for the Spring semester by enrolling in appropriate courses and identifying some strategies to apply based on prior performance in classes and conversations with the student.

For more information about Statler College Mid-Year Academy, please contact