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High School Visitation Day


Held once per semester, our virtual visitation day is set up to give you a more in-depth look at the Statler College.

Our fall open house will on Saturday, October 24. All events will happen via Zoom.

Schedule of Events

10:00 – 11:00   Mini sessions with student organizations and competition teams (new session every 15 minutes)*

11:00 – 11:45   Statler College Overview

11:00 – 12:00   Young Alumni Panel (See panelists below) and Current Student Panels (30 minutes each)

  1:00 – 1:30     Meet the Statler College Deans

  1:30 – 2:00     General Q&A Wrap Up

*The mini sessions will include groups like Engineers Without Borders, Society of Women Engineers, WVU's Robotics Teams, and more. You will be able to join a new group session every 15 minutes.

  On the day of the event, our visit page will have links to each of these sessions. While we think the entire program will be useful to everyone, you are able to pick and choose what you want to participate in. You will also have the opportunity to be paired up with your own personal student guide who can help you with questions before, during, and after the event.

Register for High School Visitation Day

If this option does not work for you, and you would like to schedule another visit type, you can contact the Visitor's Resource Center at 304-293-3489.  

If you cannot attend this date, WVU will be hosting other open house style events.  You can find information about other visit dates here.

Young Alumni Panelists

Del Breaux Portrait

Del Breaux

Del Breaux was born and raised in Elizabeth City, NC as the oldest of four siblings. Growing up he became interested in engineering after being influenced by a family friend on the local YMCA swim team.

He recently graduated from WVU's Industrial Engineering program in December of 2019. Initially after graduating, Del worked at P&G's North East Mixing center as a process engineer for eight months. Starting in early October, he began working for Tesla as an associate industrial engineer.

Piece of advice for incoming students: Incorporate something in your schedule as a break from your engineering studies! For some this may look like exercise, intramural sports, or possibly joining one of WVU's many student organizations.


Teresa Hoang Portrait

Teresa Hoang

Hi! My name is Teresa Hoang. I graduated in May 2020 with a B.S. in computer science with an area of emphasis in cyber security. Starting at the end of August, I began working for Microsoft as a software engineer on the Modern Workplace Transformations team. Essentially, our org is responsible for building products that expand Office 365 products to first line workers (i.e. government, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing). The specific product I work on is Templates on Teams! 

Piece of advice for incoming students:  Explore every opportunity presented to you. Don't hold onto the mentality of "I don't think this is for me," but rather, give everything at least one shot. Explore various fields of study and your own identity, befriend everyone you meet, and release any pre-developed biases so as to not block yourself into tunnel vision. Test out every student organization that peaks your interests, but only fully commit to the top 2-4 that really peak your interests. Above all, approach your classes with the goal of learning for the sake of learning, not to get the best grade. This will help you determine what you truly enjoy and what challenges you into critical thinking and creative reasoning skills, rather than memorizing to crush an exam. 

You can learn more about my WVU Student experience by looking up 'WVU Statler Student Spotlight--Teresa Hoang, Computer Science' on Youtube! 

Twitter/IG/LinkedIn: teresaqhoang

Gbolahan "Bugzy" Idowu Portrait

Gbolahan "Bugzy" Idowu

My name is Gbolahan Idowu (Bugzy for short). I graduated with my bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering in 2013 and my master's in mechanical engineering in 2017. I work for Tesla, at the Gigafactory Nevada location as a manufacturing equipment engineer. At Tesla, I am helping build groundbreaking and industry disruptive energy storage products, towards a more sustainable future. Piece of advice for incoming students: Get excited and ready for a remarkable journey ahead because the WVU college experience is like no other! Make the most of the amazing opportunities at WVU, build strong networks with fellow students within and outside of your major as you never know where your paths will cross in the future.


Molly Layne Portrait

Molly Layne

Hello! My name is Molly Layne and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering in May 2020. I started my professional career in June 2020 at Smith & Nephew Endoscopy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I work as a quality engineer, supporting the sports medicine product line. I was born and raised in West Virginia, so this was a drastic life change moving across the country (during a pandemic) to start my career, but WVU prepared me for this through a variety of experiences. During my time at WVU, I had the pleasure of being a Statler College Student Ambassador, Chief Engineer on my capstone project, Society of Women Engineers President, and Recording Secretary of Tau Beta Pi. I also participated in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) and completed a summer internship at Stryker Medical in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Piece of advice for incoming students: Step out of your comfort zone. A large percentage of my experiences that I cherish the most come from joining clubs and taking positions that were once intimidating, but turned out to be exciting, challenging, and rewarding.


Nick Underwood Portrait

Nick Underwood

I graduated from WVU in 2014 with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. I currently work as an aerospace engineer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Aircraft Operations Center, aka the NOAA Hurricane Hunters, supporting missions including hurricane research and reconnaissance, climate change studies, and marine mammal surveys. 

Piece of advice for incoming students : Get involved with extracurricular projects and organizations as early as possible. They'll help to start building your resume, and they're a great way to make new friends. 


Twitter/Instagram: @TheAstroNick