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Welcome from the Dean

Earl Scime  

Welcome to the Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources. As a land-grant university, the role of education in the mechanical arts (what has become Engineering in the modern era), has been at the heart of West Virginia University’s mission for over 125 years. Our continuing mission is to provide a superb education to our students, to be a world leader in engineering research and to serve the people of the state of West Virginia directly through a myriad of programs and by contributing talented, innovative graduates for the workforce of the state.

As the interim Dean of the Statler College, I am excited to join with the faculty, staff and students in your academic journey over the coming year. I look forward to working with everyone in the college to lay the groundwork for another 100 years of outstanding engineering education, extension services and research at WVU.

To the students in the Statler College, I challenge you to stay fully invested in your education. Seek out opportunities for research with our award winning faculty, explore possible career paths through our wide selection of internship and co-op opportunities, learn the skills you will need to stay at the forefront of your chosen field from our faculty, explore the world through our study abroad programs and apply your technical and non-technical skills through participating in our many extra-curricular programs and award-winning competitive teams.

To the faculty and staff of the Statler College, the coming year will be filled with opportunities to define the future of the College. I am committed to working with all of you to strengthen our outstanding academic, research and extension programs. I will seek out and listen to your ideas for improving all aspects of our work in the Statler College.

To our alumni and to our existing and potential collaborators in industry, federal laboratories and elsewhere, the Statler College is grateful for your support and enthusiasm. Please do not hesitate to contact me to enhance existing and to develop new relationships with the College.

Earl Scime Interim Dean of the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

Vicky Rousseau
Office Administrator

Deans of the College of Engineering, West Virginia University

  • 1895-1899: William S. Aldrich (He was not an officially appointed dean, but he served in that capacity. He left the position in 1897 due to the Spanish-American War and returned in 1898.)
  • 1900-1910: No official dean
  • 1911-1932: Clement R. Jones
  • 1932-1944: Roland P. Davis
  • 1944: Willard W. Hodge
  • 1945-1955: Roland P. Davis
  • 1955-1975: Chester A. Arents
  • 1975-1979: Bill L. Atchley
  • 1980-1991: Curtis J. Tompkins
  • 1992-1995: Robert M. Desmond
  • 1995-2000: Allen C. Cogley
  • 2000-2019: Eugene V. Cilento

Directors/Deans of the School of Mines/College of Mineral and Energy Resources (COMER), West Virginia University

  • 1930-1939: Charles E. Lawall, director, School of Mines (School of Mines splits from the College of Engineering in 1930)
  • 1939-1948: Dennis Lee McElroy, director, School of Mines
  • 1948-1961: G. Ralph Spinder, director/dean, School of Mines
  • 1961-1970: Charles T. Holland, director/dean, School of Mines
  • 1970-1978: Jay H. Kelley, dean (In 1975, School of Mines changes its name to COMER)
  • 1978-1981: Joseph W. Leonard, dean of COMER
  • 1981-1984: George Fumich, dean of COMER
  • 1984-1991: John Schroder, dean of COMER
  • 1991-1995: Larry Grayson, dean of COMER