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Admissions Criteria

The Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources accepts students into one of three bachelor's degree tracks, which are based primarily on math preparation. The purpose for having three engineering tracks is to provide a curriculum that is tailored to the level of academic preparation of each student. This maximizes each student's chance for a successful first-year experience.

Engineering Track 1

This track is for students who are ready for college level calculus. Students who start on this track can typically graduate in 4 years.

Engineering Tack 1 Info
High School GPA Math ACT/SAT
3.0 ACT: 28
SAT: 660

Engineering Track 2

This track is for students who place into a pre-calculus course. Students who start out on this track can typically graduate in 4 or 4.5 years without taking summer classes.

Engineering Tack 2 Info
High School GPA Math ACT/SAT
2.75 ACT: 26
SAT: 610

Engineering Track 3

This track is designed for students who place into algebra or pre-algebra and can typically graduate in 5 years.

Engineering Tack 3 Info
High School GPA Math ACT/SAT
2.5 ACT: 22
SAT: 540

Admissions will be based on the highest math sub-score submitted (ACT or SAT), and the highest GPA printed on high school transcripts.

Transfer, dual enrollment, and AP credit may decrease time to graduation.

Transfer Admissions

The Statler College admits transfer students on a case-by-case basis depending on space availability in our programs. While many factors are used in the evaluation process, transfer students must have a 2.50 minimum college-level GPA (cumulative from all institutions), with placement into at least Calculus I. Starting in Fall 2021, the minimum college level GPA will increase to a 2.75.