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Student Advisory Counsil

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is the main source of contact and feedback between students and the Dean of the College of Engineering and Mineral Resources.  SAC is comprised of all the presidents of each of our College's student organizations.

The Student Advisory Council has three main purposes:


Through the Student Advisory Council, students can provide various thoughts, concerns, and other feedback to the Dean and others in the College administration.  The Student Advisory Council works hard to make sure that all students have a voice.


The Student Advisory Council also provides a large amount of service to our College by providing support in the form of student volunteers for many of our recruiting and outreach events.  This allows future students to actually see what they can do when they come to WVU.


This group also helps provide their own organizations with leadership, support, and funding.  Student Advisory Council will help with all organizational conferences and outreach activities.


If you have any questions, or would like to contact the Student Advisory Council directly, you can email Cate Schlobohm