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Upcoming volunteer opportunities

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities for the fall. If you have an opportunity that you would like added, please let us know. If you have questions about the events, please ask Cate, Taylor or Ryan.

Email Cate Schlobohm to volunteer, unless otherwise noted. 

Fall 2020

  • EngineerFEST: September 14-29-- Host a recruitment meeting for EngineerFEST
  • Saturday, October 3- Fall Family Weekend Virtual Events-- If you have an engaging idea for a virtual event, please contact Cate, Ryan, or Taylor.
  • Saturday, October 17- Virtual  Discover WVU Day**
  • Saturday, October 24- Statler College High School Visitation Day**
  • Saturday, November 14- Virtual  Discover WVU Day**
    • Statler Career Closet Volunteering - Career Closet is closed for fall 2020.
**For these events you MUST complete a volunteer training prior to the event to be able to volunteer.
2020-2021 Running Volunteer Hours

Volunteer Trainings

We will hold a series of volunteer trainings to train volunteers to help with open houses and how to give a tour of the Statler College. If you plan to volunteer at Decide/Discover WVU days or High School Visitation Day, we strongly recommend you attend a virtual training.  You only need to attend one training session each year.
Training session will be announced prior to the first open house and will be held via zoom.

Submit a volunteer opportunity for organizations

  • SAC organizations may share volunteer opportunities with other SAC organizations here to receive SAC volunteer hours
  • Every Tuesday, the Outreach and Enrollment Management Office (G103) will be emailing out upcoming volunteer opportunities. To have your event included, send an e-mail to Cate Schlobohm or   Ryan Sigler  using the following template at least a day before Tuesday:
    • Event Name:
    • Event Date & Time:
    • Event Location:
    • Organizer/Student Org:
    • Event Description (concise):
    • Actions needed by Student Orgs:
    • SAC Hour Eligible: Filled by the office.
  • If your student group organizes an event that is not open to other organizations, then you are limited to receiving 50 volunteer hours
  • If you open the opportunity to other organizations, there is not a limit on how many hours your organization can log
  • Any in person events MUST be approved by Student Engagement and Leadership.

How to submit volunteer hours

Statler College organized activity

  • Make sure to sign in and out at the appropriate location
  • If you sign in, but do not sign out, your time will be recorded as 1 hour
  • If you sign in for multiple organizations, your time will be split equally between the listed organizations

Non-College organized activity

  • If your organization completed volunteer hours outside of the Statler College, please report completed volunteer hours to a SAC advisor.
  • Please include:
    • Volunteer(s) name
    • What organization(s) hours are for (*If you log multiple organizations, your hours will be split equally between them.)
    • Number of hours worked (Time in; Time Out)
  • If you have a hand-written sign in sheet, please type it before turning into Cate, Taylor and Ryan's office.

Rule 1.7 - Children on Campus