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How to make a room reservation

  • If you need to request a room reservation for your organization's meetings, seminars, etc, you can do so by filling out this online room reservation request form.
  • Please submit room requests as early as possible. We must have at least 3 days' notice
  • If you would like to schedule your meetings for the full semester, we encourage this!

How to reserve a table/space for sales

To reserve a table/space for bake sales, raffles, ticket sales, membership drives, etc., you must:

  • Contact the Office of Enrollment Management and Outreach (Cate/Ryan in G103 ESB) for approval
  • Must request the space with a minimum of 24 hours notice

The following spaces are available to reserve. 

  • 2-3 tables in long hallway in front of G39 ESB
  • 1 table in MRB atrium
  • 1 table in Freshman atrium
  • 1 table in AERB atrium
  • The Office of Enrollment Management and Outreach can provide you with a table
Other notes about reserving a table/space:
  • Statler College organizations will have top priority for space, and university-wide organizations/non-WVU groups will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Tables will be reserved first-come, first-served
  • If you are set up in the hallways without a reserved space, you will be asked to leave and make a reservation for another day
  • When you set up a table in the long hallway in ESB, you must set it up IN LINE with the other tables. You cannot set it up on the opposite side due to safety procedures. You WILL be asked to move.

How to order WVU branded merchandise

  • Any branded merchandise that represents WVU or the Statler College in any way must first be approved by the WVU Trademark and Licensing office
  • For Trademark and Licensing guidelines visit this website
  • Requests for assistance should be started at least one month in advance of when the merchandise is needed

Student organization travel policies

  • Please complete the following form for any SAC organization travel at least one week prior to departure
  • It is highly recommended to utilize rental vehicles rather than personal vehicles
  • Contact your departmental EBO or a SAC Advisor for assistance with travel arrangements, such as car rental
  • Upon return, all receipts must be submitted to your EBO or Cate/Ryan
  • SAC funds may not be used for dining, gas, or other reimbursements
  • While traveling, be sure to act in a way that represents WVU and the Statler College in a positive light

What if I have a new idea?

How to submit to weekly email

  • Every Tuesday, the Outreach and Enrollment Management Office (G103) will be emailing out upcoming events. To have your event included, send an e-mail to  Cate SchlobohmRyan SiglerJared Bartrug or  Felipe Sozinho using the following template:
  • Event Name: 

    Event Date & Time: 

    Event Location: 

    Organizer/Student Org: 

    Event Description (concise): 

    Actions needed by Student Orgs: 

    SAC Hour Eligible: Filled by the office.

  • Events must be submitted at least a day before Tuesday

How to submit volunteer hours

Statler College organized activity

  • Make sure to sign in and out at the appropriate location
  • If you sign in, but do not sign out, your time will be recorded as 1 hour
  • If you sign in for multiple organizations, your time will be split equally between the listed organizations

Non-College organized activity

  • If your organization completed volunteer hours outside of the Statler College, please report them to a SAC advisor .
  • Please include:
    • Volunteer(s) name
    • What organization(s) hours are for (*If you log multiple organizations, your hours will be split equally between them.)
    • Number of hours worked
  • If you have a hand-written sign in sheet, please type it before turning into Cate and Ryan's office.

How to Add an Event to the WVU calendar

Forms and Resources from WVU Student Engagement and Leadership

  • Statler student organizations are encouraged to work with the Outreach and Enrollment Management Office (G103 ESB), but can also work with WVU Student Engagement and Leadership
  • Helpful Forms and Resources from WVU Student Engagement and Leadership