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Proposal Information

  • Each Statler College organization must submit an official proposal digitally via email by September 23, 2020 to be eligible for funding during the 2020-2021 school year
  • Your proposal should identify goals and initiatives for the full academic year and estimated annual budget
    • All activities must be listed in proposal to be eligible for SAC funding
    • Only activities that further the mission of your organization will be approved
    • No travel for fall 2020 will be approved. Spring 2021 travel will be reevaluated as the situation changes.
    • All event/meetings must follow Student Engagement and Leadership guidelines and have approval from SEL to be considered.
    • A safety plan must also be included in your 2020/2021 proposal
    • After proposal review, an award letter will be sent to the respective organization's president, advisor, department chair (if applicable), and Dean Mago.
  • All proposals must be approved by student organization advisor, president, and department chair (if applicable)
  • Proposals should include:
    • Organization's mission and purpose
    • Project/activity description
    • Annual budget
    • Volunteering initiatives
    • Safety plan
    • Current officer contact information -- Officer Update Form
    • Screen shot of email from advisor, chair, and president stating "I approve the 2020/21 proposal for XYZ Organization." This will take the place of signatures for this year.
    • Completed proposals can be sent to by the deadline.
Detailed Budget Proposal Outline

Budget Information/Funding

  • Funding allocations are based on the percentage of SAC approved volunteer hours from the prior academic year
  • Only approved activities and expenses included in proposal are eligible for funding
  • SAC funds will not be distributed to individual organizations. You must work in coordination with your EBO/departmental business office or Student Advisory Council Advisors to spend SAC funds allocated to your organization
  • All expenses should be processed through your respective EBO or Cate Schlobohm . No reimbursement checks will be issued for organizations or individuals after incurring expenses
  • New approved Statler College organizations will receive $250 in their startup year
  • Organizations which do not complete at least 10 SAC hours in a year, will be assumed inactive and will not be a SAC member organization for the following year. Organizations may re-apply to become a SAC organization by following this process . Organizations re-applying will not receive the $250 startup funds.
  • SAC budgets expire on June 20 annually. Money does not roll over to the next year.
  • Only activities that further the mission of your organization will be approved for funding
    • Funding may not be used for food and drinks at meetings, T-shirts, social activities, etc.
    • If you have questions about appropriate SAC spending, please contact Cate Schlobohm
  • View a complete list of  budget information and guidelines for SAC organizations
  •   2020-2021 SAC Budget
  • 2020-2021 Running Volunteer Hours

Fundraising and Corporate Donation Guidelines

  • Coordinate all sponsorship and corporate donation efforts with Jenna Nypaver-Price, assistant development director, prior to approaching businesses.
  • If you plan to solicit donations from a company, you must first have approval from Jenna Nypaver-Price or Shams Khan. You can email for approval. Required information to be approved includes: purpose, dollar amount requested, and companies to be contacted
  • If you have questions about how to solicit donations, or which companies to work with, make an appointment with Jenna Nypaver-Price via email. (To guarantee the most effective use of your meeting time, please schedule an appointment before visiting Jenna)
  • Do NOT approach a company without approval from the Development Office (Shams Khan and Jenna Nypaver-Price)
  • Use this document for additional information and guidelines given by Jenna Nypaver-Price

Departmental EBOs

If you are a departmental student organization, you should work with your departmental Executive Business Officer (EBO) to help with travel arrangements and purchases for your organization.

EBO's can contact Cate Schlobohm for SAC funding strings as needed.

Department EBO'S Name Office Location
Email Address
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Amanda DuPont 817 ESB
Industrial and Management Systems Engineering Marie Owen 323 ESB
Civil and Environmental Engineering Lynne Jacobs 653 ESB
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Linda Rogers 405 ESB
Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Beth Corcoran 359 AERB
Mining Engineering Karen Centofanti 365 ESB
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Adrian Matheny 347 MRB