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Graduate FAQs

Can I change the members of my Advisory and Examining Committee?

Any revisions to a plan of study, including changes in the ACE membership, necessitate submission of a revised plan of study. If a committee is removed, a Plan of Study Attachment must be included with the new Plan of Study. The previous and the new members of the committee must sign the new Plan of Study.

Can I use courses taken as an undergraduate student toward my Master's degree?

Courses taken as an undergraduate student may be counted for graduate credit if you had a GPA of at least 3.0 and was within 12 semester hours of graduation when you took the course. The course cannot have been used to complete the requirements for your baccalaureate degree.

Can I use courses taken at another institution toward my Master's degree?

You must complete a Application for Transfer of Graduate Credit to WVU form. You must also have an official transcript from the external institution sent to WVU Office of Admissions. A maximum of 12 semester credit hours from other institutions will be accepted for credit. Individual graduate programs can choose to accept fewer transfer credit hours. Only courses with grades of A or B will be accepted.

I was accepted into the master degree program as a provisional student. How long will I be permitted to remain in the College as a provisional student?

When a student is admitted to a graduate program as a provisional student, requirements for attaining regular student status must be stated in the letter of admission. Provisional status must be changed to regular status by the end of the semester in which the 18th credit hour is completed. If their status has not been changed by that time, they will be restricted from subsequent registration.

Is it possible to request two diplomas for the same degree?

No. Only one diploma can be printed.

What steps must be completed before the Oral Defense?

  • You must be enrolled at WVU the semester in which you are graduating.
  • An Application for Graduation and Diploma must be completed
  • An up-to-date Plan of Study must be on file.
  • A Request for Final Exam must be completed and signed by all committee members and submitted to Student Services, Room 141 ESB. This is due one week before the defense for a Problem Report or Thesis defense, and three weeks before the Dissertation Defense.
  • An Abstract and Title Page submitted to Student Services, electronically

What steps must be completed after the Oral Defense?

  • The signed Shuttle Sheet is to be return to Student Services within 24 hours after the defense
  • ETD Submission and Signature Form to the WISE Library
  • The Final Approval Form needs to be returned to Student Services
  • The Alumni Form completed and submitted to your department secretary.
  • The Graduating Student Survey completed and returned to Student Services

When should I apply for graduation?

Potential graduates should apply for graduation through their WVU Portal account within six weeks into their final semester. Deadlines will be posted throughout the Engineering Sciences Building and the Mineral Resources Building.

When should I prepare a Plan of Study?

A plan of study must be jointly prepared by the student and the Advisory and Examining Committee by the end of the second semester or before the completion of the 12th course credit hour.