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Automotive Engineering - Hybrid Vehicles - EcoCAR

The EcoCAR Challenge is a three-year competition that builds on the 19-year history of Department Of Energy (DOE) advanced vehicle technology competitions by giving engineering students the chance to design and build advanced vehicles that demonstrate leading-edge automotive technologies, with the goal of minimizing the environmental impact of personal transportation and illustrating pathways to a sustainable transportation future. Students have a dedicated automotive shop located in G15-ESB.

Major equipment includes:

  • Clayton Chassis Dynamometer, 300 hp 8 Inch Rollers
  • ALM Vehicle Lift, Model# 7002A
  • Two PML Flightlink Motors, Experimental Hybrid electric motors, 20 hp each
  • Maximat Standard Lathe/Mill, 8 Inch Capacity
  • Hobart Handler 175 Mig Welder