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Microelectronics Systems Research Center

Leveraging extensive corporate experience, sustained levels of external research funding, and globally recognized research and professional activities, the Microelectronic Systems Research Center nurtures the ongoing development and enrichment of undergraduate and graduate studies in microelectronic and photonic systems at West Virginia University.

The Microelectronics Systems Research Center (MSRC) was established within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at West Virginia University in 1992. The activities of the Center focus on five interrelated objectives:

  • expansion and enrichment of the undergraduate and graduate programs through educational initiatives in microelectronic and photonic systems, and communication/signal processing systems,
  • ongoing development and evolution of significant funded research programs,
  • creation of a competitive laboratory infrastructure for research and education,
  • pursuit of a strong presence in national and international professional activities maintaining and further building recognition of the Center,
  • development of an effective industry outreach program coordinated among both large corporations and small companies benefiting local, national, and international interests.