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Resources for Students

WVU Credit Opportunities

Currently, there are two methods for receiving WVU credit from PLTW courses.

Preferred method: PLTW students may concurrently enroll in Engineering 101 while taking the EDD Capstone course in high school. The students will complete a series of online modules along with their EDD course assignments to earn credit for ENGR-101 Design Problem Solving I. ENGR-101 is a 2 credit course and students pay a reduced tuition of $75 per credit. Check back for future concurrent-enrollment opportunities for other PLTW specialization courses. This is available to students both in-state and out-of-state.

Secondary method: PLTW completers may also submit a portfolio for review by our Affiliate Director to receive credit for Engineering 101 upon acceptance to WVU. ENGR-101 is a mandatory, 2 credit course taken by all freshmen engineering students. To be eligible, students must have earned college credit for Calculus I and have completed the following courses with an End of Course Exam of 6 or better: IED, POE, EDD, and a PLTW elective. If a student’s portfolio demonstrate that they have mastered the content for ENGR-101, they must then complete a Credit by Exam form and pay a processing fee of $50.

West Virginia University does not accept high school PLTW credit for college credit without students concurrently enrolling in ENGR-101 or completing a portfolio review. If students earn credit for their PLTW work from another institution of higher education, these credits will most likely not count towards their engineering degree and be transferred as open credit. Please contact the Affiliate Director for specifics on credits earn at other institutions.

AP + PLTW: Partnering to Create More Opportunities for Students

To help prepare all students for the global workforce, the College Board and PLTW have partnered on a program to encourage student participation in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses and build their interest in STEM degrees and careers. The program leverages the success of the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program (AP) and Project Lead The Way’s applied learning programs. Visit for more information on this program.

Currently, there are 2 PLTW courses that align with AP courses, meaning students may complete these PLTW courses and be qualified to take the AP exam in that subject. These courses are Computer Science Principles (CSP) and Computer Science A (CSA).