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Energy Systems Engineering

About Energy Systems Engineering

The master of science in energy systems engineering is designed for students with undergraduate degrees in engineering or a closely related STEM discipline. The program will provide students opportunities to expand and strengthen their scholastic background and skills relative to the production, conversion, transmission and utilization of energy; carbon-based and “green” energy; renewable or alternate energy sources; energy storage, modeling and simulation of energy systems; and critical materials for energy generation and utilization.

Students enrolled and graduating from this program will fulfill a need for specially trained professionals to satisfy growing needs of governmental agencies and industrial companies in West Virginia, the region and the country for technical personnel with advanced training in specialized areas of energy systems and energy supply-chain management. The program will produce master's-level students who are able to function at the highest levels of expertise in their chosen sub-discipline of energy, and who are well versed in the overall concepts of getting energy to consumers.

The degree can be used as a terminal degree or prepare students, with unique perspectives in the field of energy, for prospective study in existing Ph.D. programs at WVU and other universities nationally and internationally.

Admissions Criteria