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When you pursue your graduate education at West Virginia University's Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, you are choosing a path that will lead you to research-based or specialty training opportunities that can make you a top choice for future employers.

With more than 170 faculty members in 16 different engineering/computer science disciplines from which to choose, our 700 graduate-level students are gaining cross-disciplinary research experience working with peers from a wide range of disciplines across the University, around the world, and in both the public and private sectors.

A new, 70,000 square footage building is under construction and will have labs, clean rooms, and other facilities available for graduate students to use starting in 2014. In recent years, we have consistently been ranked by the National Science Foundation in the top 75 universities for research expenditures, and more than 85 percent of our students have a graduate assistantship where they receive funding and a waiver of University tuition. Additional funding opportunities exist for our graduate students in the form of fellowships and scholarships.

Do you have specific goals about what you want to do upon graduation or what company you'd like to join? With graduate tracks that train you to be a college-level educator, you could pursue a faculty position at a university. Or, you might choose to obtain a graduate certificate to diversify your skills so that you are the perfect match for your dream company. Maybe you want to have a research-based career; our programs can prepare you for that, too. Whatever you choose, you will have a graduate advisor to help you navigate your opportunities and decisions at WVU.

After completing their degrees, our graduates have found full-time employment as faculty members at universities and colleges and as consultants, managers, and researchers at companies and agencies such as IBM, Apple, FBI, CIA, John Deere, Halliburton, Hershey, and General Motors. You can learn more about our grad programs and research at these links.

The College Master's of Science programs in Industrial Hygiene and Safety Management are accredited by the Applied and Natural Sciences Accreditation Commission of ABET

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