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Academic Enrichment
  • Academic Enrichment Policy
  • Academic Enrichment Weekly Schedule
  • Academic Enrichment Substitution Form
  • Academic Enrichment Exemption Form via Test Grade 
  • Check your Academic Enrichment Attendance
  • Collegiate Engagement
  • Collegiate Engagement Form
  • Advising and Registration
    • Who is my advisor? 
    Follow these simple steps to find your advisor:
    1. Sign in to
    2. Click the DegreeWorks tab
    3. In the student information block your advisor should be listed

    • How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?
    There are a variety of ways to contact your advisor for an appointment:
    1. Appointments may be scheduled through Student Success Campus advising campaigns
    2. Email your advisor and request an appointment
    3. Meet with your advisor during walk-in hours
    Advisors may request you complete the Academic Pre-Advising Review sheet prior to an "official" pre-registration appointment.
    • How do I take courses at another institution over the summer term?

    • Helpful Resources
  • AP Course Equivalency and the GEF
  • GEF Requirements for Engineering Majors
  • Typical First Semester Schedules for First Year Engineering Students
  • Class Scheduling Worksheet
  • Transfer Request Form
  • Petition Letter Requirements for Admittance to Following Removal for Poor Academic Performance
  • Kognito Training Instructions