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Liu, Yuxin

Associate Professor - Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and Adjunct Associate Professor - Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering


Ph.D. Louisiana Tech University, 2003 
M.S. Changchun University of Science and Technology, 2000 
B.S. Beijing Institute of Technology, 1996

Received her Ph.D. Degree in 2003 from Louisiana Tech University. From 2004 to 2009 she was working as postdoctoral associate and research associate at the Department of Food Science at Cornell University and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Vanderbilt University, respectively. In 2009, she was appointed as Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University, and now she is working as an Associate Professor of the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at West Virginia University.

Research Focus Areas

Dr. Liu’s research is focused on the development of nanoelectronic sensors, integrated biosensing systems, and biomimetic devices using multi-disciplinary approaches. The goal is to develop novel platforms for rapid detection and point-of-care diagnostic systems for biomarkers and toxicants, and early disease diagnosis; and microphysiological systems for controlling cell behavior/tissue functions and drug tests.

Research Interests

Electrolyte-Graphene Interface
Integrated Biosensing System
Biomimetic System

Teaching Interests

Biomedical Microdevices