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Oishi Sanyal

Assistant Professor - Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering


  • PhD in Chemical Engineering - Michigan State University (2016)
  • B.E in Chemical Engineering - Manipal University (India) (2011)

Dr. Sanyal joined the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at WVU in June 2020. Her research program aims to develop advanced membranes as the next generation separation tools for water treatment and gas separation. Her areas of interests include, but are not limited to, hypersaline produced water desalination, natural gas upgrading and flue gas purification. Prior to joining WVU, Dr Sanyal was a postdoctoral researcher at Georgia Tech. There she worked on the fundamentals of carbon molecular sieve membranes for gas separation. Her PhD research at Michigan State University was focused on surface-modified membranes for water treatment. She is originally from Calcutta, India and received her undergraduate education from Manipal University, India.

Service and Outreach

  • Topic Editor for Sustainability
  • Reviewer for multiple journals (Journal of Membrane Science, Carbon, Chemical Engineering Journal, Membranes, etc. )
  • AICHE Conference session co-chair (Water treatment, desalination and reuse)

Selected Publications

  1. Sanyal, O*.; Hays, S.S*(*equal contribution).; Leon, N.E.; Guta, Y.A.; Itta, A.K.; Lively, R.P.; Koros, W.J. “A self-consistent model for sorption and transport in polyimide-derived carbon molecular sieve membranes,” Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2020).
  2. Sanyal, O.; Hicks, S.T.; Bhuwania, N.; Hays, S.; Kamath, M.J.; Karwa, S.; Swaidan, R.; Koros, W.J. “Cause and effects of hyperskin features on carbon molecular sieve (CMS) membranes,” Journal of Membrane Science, 551,113-122, (2018).
  3. Sanyal, O.; Zhang, C.; Wenz, G. B.; Fu, S.; Bhuwania, N.; Xu, L.; Rungta, M.; Koros, W.J. “Next generation membranes-using tailored carbon,” Carbon, 127, 688-698, (2018).
  4. Sanyal, O.; Liu, Z.; Yu, J; Meharg, B. M.; Hong J. S; Liao, W.; Lee, I. “Design of fouling-resistant clay-embedded polyelectrolyte multilayer membranes for wastewater effluent treatment,” Journal of Membrane Science, 512, 21-28, (2016).
  5. Sanyal, O.; Liu, Z.; Meharg, B. M.; Liao, W.; Lee, I. "Development of polyelectrolyte multilayer membranes to reduce the COD level of electrocoagulation treated high-strength wastewater,” Journal of Membrane Science, 496, 259-266, (2015).

Teaching Interests

  • Process Heat Transfer (CHE 311)
  • Mass Transfer/ Separations
  • Membrane-based separation

Research Interests

  • Membranes for water treatment and desalination
  • Self-assembly based surface modification
  • Molecular sieving materials
  • Natural gas and flue gas purification

Professional Societies

  • North American Membrane Society (NAMS)
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)