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Napolitano, Marcello R.

A portrait of Marcello Napolitano


ESB 941

Professor - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, 1989 
M.S., University of Naples, Italy, 1985

Dr. Napolitano began his professional career as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Oklahoma State University in 1986. In 1990, he joined the department, becoming a full Professor 11 years later in 2001. During his time here, Dr. Napolitano has earned several awards including the the Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Researcher Awards multiple times each, the 2012 WV Teacher of the Year, the 2005 NASA Outstanding Service Achievement Award and the 1994-1995 SAE "Ralph Teetor" Award.

Research Focus Areas

Controls, Automation, and Mechatronics

Research Interests

Flight Testing 
Flight Controls 
Flight Mechanics 
Application of Neural Networks to Flight Controls