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Hopkinson, Leslie

A portrait of Leslie Hopkins


ESB 649

Associate Professor - Civil and Environmental Engineering


Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 2009 
B.S., Louisiana State University, 2004

Dr. Leslie Hopkinson earned her Ph.D. degree in Biological Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech specializing in natural resources management and ecological engineering. She has taught courses in freshman engineering, hydrology, nonpoint source pollution, and stream classification. Dr. Hopkinson's research focus is in surface hydrology, environmental hydraulics, streambank stability, vegetation fluid interactions, and watershed management.

Research Interests

Environmental Hydraulics 
River Mechanics and Sediment Transport 
Surface Hydrology 
Streambank Stability 
Vegetation-fluid Interactions 
Ecological Engineering

Teaching Interests

Engineering Hydrology 
Fluid Mechanics 
Open Channel Flow 
Sediment Transport