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Hu, John

Statler Chair in Engineering for Natural Gas Utilization


  • Bachelor’s in Chemistry, Tsinghua University - 1986
  • MBA – Washington State University – 2002
  • PhD - Tsinghua University, China – 1991

Research Interests

Microwave plasma catalysis for natural gas conversion and ammonia synthesis
Shale gas utilization
Catalytic materials
Coal gasification and syngas conversion
Biomass conversion to fuel and chemicals

John Hu's group

Teaching Interests

Reaction Engineering
Refining Processes

Professional Societies

North American Catalysis Society
American Society for Engineering Education.

Special Interests

Shale gas conversion and separation via modular design
Catalyst and reactor integration
Process intensification and modularity
CO 2 conversion to value-added chemicals


Collage of John Hu's students performing research

Recent Publications

  1. Amoolya D. Lalsare, Tuhin S. Khan, Brian Leonard, Roman Vukmanovich, Pedram Tavazohi, Lili Li, Jianli Hu*, Graphene Supported Fe / Ni, β-Mo2C Nanoparticles: Experimental and DFT Integrated Approach to Catalyst Development for Synergistic Hydrogen Production Through Lignin Rich Biomass Reforming & Reduced Shale Gas Flaring, accepted , ACS Catalysis, 11, 364−382 (2021)
  2. Mengze Xu; Juan A. Lopez-Ruiz, Ph.D.; Libor Kovarik; Mark E Bowden; Stephen D Davidson; Robert S Weber; I-Wen Wang; Jianli Hu; Robert A Dagle, Structure sensitivity and its effect on methane turnover and carbon co-product selectivity in thermocatalytic decomposition of methane over supported Ni catalysts, Applied Catalysis A, 611(2021) 117967.
  3. Sarojini Tiwari, Tuhin S. Khan, Pedram Tavazohi, Jianli Hu, Activation of two highly stable molecules- Nitrogen and Methane to co-produce Ammonia and Ethylene, Chemical Engineering Journal,, 2020
  4. Amoolya D. Lalsare, Brian Leonard, Brandon Robinson, Ali C. Sivri, Roman Vukmanovich, Cosmin Dumitrescu, William Rogers, Jianli Hu, Self-Regenerable Carbon Nanofiber Supported Fe - Mo2C Catalyst for CH4-CO2 Assisted Reforming of Biomass to Hydrogen Rich Syngas, Applied Catalysis B, 282, 119537- 2021,
  5. Christina Wildfire, Dushyant Shekhawat, Jianli Hu, Microwave-Assisted Ammonia synthesis over Ru/MgO catalysts at ambient pressure, Catalysis Today, 2020
  6. Bebei Yan, Guanyi Chen, Jianli Hu, Can Microwave Treat Biomass tar? A Comprehensive Study Based on Experimental and Net Energy Analysis, Applied Energy, 272, 115194, 2020
  7. Jianli Hu, Christina Wildfire, Albert E. Stiegman, Robert A. Dagle, Dushyant Shekhawat, Victor Abdelsayed, Xinwei Bai, Hanjing Tian, Mitchelle B. Bogle, Cera Hsu, Yan Luo, Stephen D. Davidson, Microwave-Driven Heterogeneous Catalysis for Activation of Dinitrogen to Ammonia under Atmospheric Pressure, Chemical Engineering Journal, 397,125388,2020
  8. Jian Li, Junyu Tao, Beibei Yan, Kexin Cheng, Guanyi Chen, Jianli Hu, Microwave Reforming with Char-Supported Nickel-Cerium Catalysts: A Potential Approach for thorough Conversion of Biomass Tar Model Compound, Applied Energy, 261, 114375, 2020.
  9. Qingyuan Li, Yuxin Wang and Jianli Hu, Synthesis of C4 Olefins from Acetylene over Supported Copper Catalysts, ChemCatChem, DOI:10.1002/cctc.202000396, 2020
  10. Yuxin Wang, Ashley Caiola, Brandon Robinson, Qingyuan Li, Jianli Hu, Hierarchical Galloaluminosilicate MFI Catalysts for Ethane Non-oxidative Dehydroaromatization, Energy & Fuel, 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.9b04457 2020.
  11. Brandon Robinson, Ashley Caiola, Xinwei Bai, Victor Abdel-Sayed, Dushyant Shekhawat Jianli Hu, Catalytic Direct Conversion of Ethane to Value-added Chemicals Under Microwave Irradiation, Catalysis Today, 2020.
  12. Amoolya Lalsare, Ali Sivri, Ryan Egan, Roman J. Vukmanovich, Cosmin E. Dumitrescu, Jianli Hu, Biomass – flare gas synergistic co-processing in the presence of carbon dioxide for the controlled production of syngas (H2:CO ∼ 2 – 2.5), Chemical Engineering Journal,
  13. Qingyuan Li, Yuxin Wang, George Skoptsov, Jianli Hu, Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene to Ethylene over Bimetallic Catalysts, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 58 (45), 20620-20629, 2019
  14. Sarojini Tiwari, Ashley Caiola, Xinwei Bai, Amoolya Lalsare, Jianli Hu, Microwave Plasma-Enhanced and Microwave Heated Chemical Reactions, Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, DOI 10.1007/s11090-019-10040-7 (2019)
  15. Amoolya Lalsare, Yuxin Wang, Qingyuan Li, Ali Sivri, Roman J. Vukmanovich, Cosmin E. Dumitrescu, Jianli Hu, Hydrogen-Rich Syngas Production through Synergistic Methane-Activated Catalytic Biomass Gasification, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 7, 16060-16071, 2019
  16. Bingying Gao, I-Wen Wang, Lili Ren, Jianli Hu, Catalytic Methane Decomposition over Bimetallic Transition Metals Supported on Composite Aerogel, Energy & Fuels, 33, 9099-9106, 2019
  17. Jiahui Ye, Lei Bai, Baoyu Liu, Hanjing Tian, Jianli Hu, Felipe Polo-Garzon, Richard T. Mayes, Zili Wu, Fabrication of a Pillared ZSM-5 Framework for Shape Selectivity of Ethane Dehydroaromatization, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 581,77094-7106, 2019
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  19. Bingying Gao, I-Wen Wang, Lili Ren, Thomas Haines, Jianli Hu, Catalytic Performance and Reproducibility of Ni/Al2O3 and Co/Al2O3 Mesoporous Aerogel Catalysts for Methane Decomposition, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 58 (2), 798–807, 2019
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