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Hu, John

Statler Chair in Engineering for Natural Gas Utilization


  • Bachelor’s in Chemistry, Tsinghua University - 1986
  • MBA – Washington State University – 2002
  • PhD - Tsinghua University, China – 1991

Research Interests

Microwave plasma catalysis for natural gas conversion and ammonia synthesis
Shale gas utilization
Catalytic materials
Coal gasification and syngas conversion
Biomass conversion to fuel and chemicals

Teaching Interests

Reaction Engineering
Refining Processes

Professional Societies

North American Catalysis Society
American Society for Engineering Education.

Special Interests

Shale gas conversion and separation via modular design
Catalyst and reactor integration
Process intensification and modularity
CO 2 conversion to value-added chemicals


Collage of John Hu's students performing research

Recent Publications

Upgrading of stranded gas via non-oxidative conversion processes

Methane decomposition to tip and base grown carbon nanotubes and COx-free H2 over mono and bimetallic 3d transition metal catalysts

Conversion of Light Alkane to Value-Added Chemicals over ZSM-5/ Metal Promoted Catalysts

Deactivation Mechanism and Regeneration Study of Ga−Pt Promoted HZSM‑5 Catalyst in Ethane Dehydroaromatization

Stability of Fe- and Zn-Promoted Mo/ZSM‑5 Catalysts for Ethane Dehydroaromatization in Cyclic Operation Mode