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Kugler, Edwin L.


PhD - Johns Hopkins University (1975) 
BS - Dickinson College (1967)

Edwin Kugler has been a Professor of Chemical Engineering at WVU since 1990. Prior to joining WVU he was a research scientist with Exxon Research & Engineering Company for twelve years (1976-1988) and served two years as a program manager with the Department of Energy in Washington, DC (1988-90). Dr. Kugler is a national officer with the American Chemical Society and is known for his research on catalysts used for petroleum refining.

Research Focus Areas

Energy Technologies

Research Interests

heterogeneous catalysis 
physical adsorption measurements 
gas and liquid chromatography 
temperature programmed oxidation and reduction.

Teaching Interests

Freshman Engineering Design (ENGR 101) 
Energy and Material Balances (CHE 201, CHE 202) 
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (CHE 320) 
Reaction Phenomena (CHE 326) 
Unit Operations Lab (CHE 450, CHE 451)

Special Interests


Professional Societies

American Chemical Society (national officer) 
American Institute of Chemical Engineers 
North American Catalysis Society