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Martinelli, David R.

David Martinelli


ESB 547

Professor - Civil and Environmental Engineering


BS Civil Engineering/Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
MS Civil Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
Ph.D. Civil Engineering, University of Maryland

Dr. Martinelli teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of transportation engineering, traffic operations, transportation planning and economics, and highway safety. He has conducted over 40 research projects in these fields under the sponsorship of numerous federal and state agencies and has over 100 scholarly publications. His most recent research projects investigated traffic control devices in school zones, driving attitudes and behavior of younger populations, traffic efficiencies of engineered shared space, and public transportation operations.

He has served in numerous leadership capacities in engineering education including 11 years as CEE Department Chairman, the ASCE Board Level Committee on Educational Activities, ASCE President’s Task Force member, National Chairman of CE Department Heads, and a pioneer of Holistic Engineering Education, among other capacities He is an award-winning teacher and advisor who values mentorship and professional development in his students.