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Lewellen, David C.

Research Associate Professor - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Ph.D., Cornell University, 1987 
M.S., Cornell University, 1985 
B.S.E., Princeton University, 1982

After receiving a B.S.E. in mechanical and aerospace engineering in 1982, and Ph.D. in theoretical physics in 1987 (as an NSF graduate fellow), Dr. Lewellen was a researcher in elementary particle physics and superstring theory at SLAC (Stanford University) from 1987-1990 and the Institute for Theoretical Physics (UCSB) from 1990-1993. In 1993 he began researching atmospheric turbulence and joined the faculty of WVU.

Other Publications

Research Focus Areas

Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

Research Interests

fluid dynamic turbulence 
large-eddy simulations of environmental flows 
planetary boundary layer dynamics and cloud structure 
tornado dynamics 
aircraft wakes and contrails 
elementary particle physics 
superstring theory