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Alumni Academies and Awards

The WVU Alumni Association recently inducted six outstanding graduates into the Academy of Distinguished Alumni: the Al Zamil brothers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, respected businessmen and philanthropists; Dr. Kimberly A. Weaver, internationally respected astrophysicist; and retired coal executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Benjamin M. Statler. This video showcases their reflections on the life-changing experiences they had at WVU.

Business Hall of Fame

Order of Vandalia

Honorary Degrees

WVU Academy of Distinguished Alumni

Department Academies

Distinguished Alumni Academy (Lane Department)

The Academy of Chemical Engineers (CBE)

The Academy of Distinguished Alumni of Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

The Academy of Distinguished Alumni of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics (MAE)

William N. Poundstone Lecture and Distinguished Engineers of Mines Awards (MinE)

Academy of Industrial Engineers (IMSE)

The West Virginia Academy of Civil Engineers (CEE)