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Faculty Mentor Kenneth Currie

Kenneth Currie 

Kenneth Currie

Thesis and dissertation research topics

  • Enhancing Engineering Education with Alternative Pedagogical Delivery Methods
  • Establishing Hybrid Cellular Manufacturing Layouts
  • Using a QFD Approach to Technology Management
  • Adjusting Physician Panel Sizes based on Level of Co-Morbidities to Reduce No-Show Rates
  • Improving Storage Density Using Material Handling Automation
  • Root Cause Analysis of Missed/Incorrect Operations in a Mixed-Model Assembly Line

Why did you pursue graduate degrees in your field?

Interested in solving larger more complex problems that industry doesn't address due to time/cost constraints

Why did you select this career path?

Besides the challenge of solving large complex problems, I also have an interest to help students navigate their individual paths to a successful life.

What topics are the most exciting ideas emerging from your field?

  • Data analytics/visualization
  • The use of supply chains for disaster recovery and infrastructure resiliency
  • The use of smart manufacturing and sensors to increase productivity and quality
  • The intersection between automation and humans to make/produce better products in a safe and efficient manner - i.e. collaborative robots

Describe your industry experience.

2 years at Alcoa in both packaging and the hot mill; 2 years at Honeywell Solid State Electronics Division.

What professional organizations are you involved with?

  • Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers (Faculty Advisor)
  • Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (Program Evaluator)
  • Council of Industrial Engineering Academic Department Heads

What would you tell a student struggling to feel connected to their major?

Get involved with IISE and offer to help with some of their activities; If you are interested in a particular field in IE find the faculty member who teaches in that particular area and see if there is any undergraduate research that you can be involved in.

What is your life like outside of your profession/academics (family, hobbies, where do you call "home", etc.)?

Most of my spare time is spent in TN or Toronto visiting children (3) and grandchildren (5); I also have my parents living in Wheeling that I will visit regularly