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Faculty Mentor John Zondlo

John Zondlo 

John Zondlo

Thesis and dissertation research topics

  • Heat transfer on enhanced surfaces

Why did you pursue graduate degrees in your field?

Because I wanted to become a university professor.

Why did you select this career path?

Interest in working with young people and doing research.

What topics are the most exciting ideas emerging from your field?

  • Developed novel solid-oxide fuel cells
  • Worked in many areas of biomass processing and utilization
  • Developed novel technology for the use of coal as a feedstock for value-added carbon products

Describe your industry experience.

Worked as a researcher in gas-phase separations

Describe your current research project.

I am working on several projects at the present time: Using biomass to manufacture activated carbons, helping with theoretical calculations on the dissolution of cellulose using ionic liquids and treating coal fly ash with microwaves as a way to recover rare earth elements.

What professional organizations are you involved with?

  • American Chemical Society

What would you tell a student struggling to feel connected to their major?

Study hard, seek help, get to know the professors and other students.

What is your life like outside of your profession/academics (family, hobbies, where do you call "home", etc.)?

I live on and operate a 25 acre horse farm. I play music. I am a ham radio operator.