Academic Affairs Organizational Chart
Development Office Staff
Statler College Business Office
Statler College Organizational Chart

Office of the Dean

West Virginia University
College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
P.O. Box 6070, 367 Mineral Resources Building
Morgantown, WV 26506-6070
P: 304.293.4157
F: 304.293.2037


Eugene V. Cilento
Glen H. Hiner Dean
Professor of Chemical Engineering
P: 304.293.4157

David A. Wyrick
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
P: 304.293.4334

Royce J. Watts
Associate Dean for Administration
P: 304.293.4124

Pradeep P. Fulay
Associate Dean for Research
P: 304.293.0120

Robin Hensel
Assistant Dean for Freshman Engineering
P: 304.293.0395

Department Chairs

Samuel Ameri
Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
P: 304.293.3949

Syd Peng
Interim Chair
Department of Mining Engineering
P: 304.293.3886

James Dean
Mining and Industrial Extension
P: 304.293.4212

Rakesh Gupta
Department of Chemical Engineering
P: 304.293.4392

Kenneth Currie
Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
P: 304.293.9431

Jacky Prucz
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
P: 304.293.3131

Radhey Sharma
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
P: 304.293.9920

Brian Woerner
Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
P: 304.293.9141


Robert Bragg
Director of Development
P: 304.293.4036

Mary Dillon
Director, Marketing and Communications
P: 304.293.4086

Kenneth Claudio
Coordinator of Facilities
P: 304.293.4091

Lloyd Ford
Coordinator of Corporate Relations and Career Assistance
P: 304.293.4370

Eric Leluika
Director of Computer Services
P: 304.293.0086

Ryan Sigler
Coordinator of Enrollment Management
P: 304.293.0398