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Testimonial Kiersten Spoerke

Kiersten Spoerke

Hometown: Suwanee, Georgia
Majors: Mechanical Engineering

"I chose WVU because I fell in love with the team and the coaches, but also the kindness of the people in West Virginia. They have such excitement toward WVU. I felt very welcomed."

Testimonial Emily Calandrelli

Emily Calandrelli

Hometown: Morgantown, West Virginia
Majors: Mechanical and aerospace engineering

"I always liked math and I've always been in love with the stars, and that led me to engineering. My ultimate goal is to work on missions to Mars or the moon as a NASA engineer."
Testimonial Thilanka Munasinghe

Thilanka Munasinghe

Hometown: Panabura, Sri Lanka
Majors: Thilanka earned a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering from WVU in 2008, and is currently enrolled in the master's program in mechanical engineering."

"You can get a great education at WVU if you take advantage of the resources that are here — including great faculty, high-quality research, and excellent facilities. The surroundings are beautiful and the people are warm and friendly. No matter where you are from, WVU can help you discover your capabilities."
Testimonial Kerri Phillips

Kerri Phillips

Hometown: Weirton, West Virginia
Majors: Kerri earned bachelor's degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering in 2007, and is currently enrolled in our Ph.D. program in aerospace engineering

"The College of Engineering and Mineral Resources has a friendly, family atmosphere that supports student success. WVU has been the perfect fit for me, giving me opportunities I never imagined."
Testimonial Jeremy Booker

Jeremy Booker

Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia
Majors: Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

"I've loved engineering my whole life. Learning about how things work has always amazed me. The Engineers of Tomorrow summer program opened doors for me. The students and faculty were always there to keep me focused on my goals. It was unbelievable to have people I had just met care enough to help me so much."
Testimonial Sarah Offutt

Sarah Offutt

Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia
Majors: Sarah earned her bachelor's degree in civil engineering in December 2008 and is now enrolled in the master's program, with a focus in transportation.

"Both my father and grandfather were engineers, and, as a child, I loved building and designing things. I also enjoyed math. WVU has been such a friendly and supportive place to go to school. I enjoy working with the freshmen who are just starting out in college."