Research at Statler

MAE's Wu Awarded Benedum Distinguished Scholar Award

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Nick Wu

WVU's Constructed Facilities Center Debuts Work Done on Huntington-area Bridge

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CFC Rehabs Huntington-area Bridge

WVU Receives NSF Grant to Study Chemical Leak's Impact in Charleston Area

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Testing water in Charleston area

WVU Researchers Participate in Methane Quantification Campaign

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Researcher participating in Methane Quantification Campaign

WVU's Anderson receives Presidential Early Career Award

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Brian Anderson

WVU Researchers to Investigate Methane Emissions From Dual Fuel Engines in Shale Gas Development

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Andrew Nix

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Statement on Faculty Research

Faculty members at West Virginia University have an obligation and responsibility to conduct research. A significant component of WVU's land-grant mission includes gathering and analyzing data and then contributing this analysis to inform the discussion and understanding of various issues affecting the lives of West Virginians and others around the world.

Research conducted at WVU is data-driven, objective and independent. It is not influenced by any political agenda, business priority, funding source or popular opinion.

The research findings of WVU faculty and scholars are subject to intense review and challenge by academic peers - including review of data sources, methods and analysis - consistent with widely accepted practices of academic research in higher education.

Engaging in a rigorous protocol, WVU faculty and scholars can, and often do, reach varying and sometimes divergent conclusions when studying and testing similar data. Their work, however, is always informed and protected by the academic freedom that ensures the ability to choose and conduct research unfettered by bias, outside influence or external agendas.