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Terence Musho

Assistant Professor - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Ph.D., Materials Science, Vanderbilt University, 2012 
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 2006 

Dr. Terence Musho received his Ph.D. in Materials Science from Vanderbilt University and his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State. He received his doctorate degree as an NSF IGERT fellow where his thesis research focused on modeling the performance of nanoscale thermoelectrics and thermionic devices. His research group at WVU is focused on the development and application of first principle material modeling approaches. 

Visit  Computational Materials Science Lab website.

Research Interests

Thermal and Electrical Transport 
Photoelectrochemical and Electrochemical Conversion
Direct Energy Conversion (Spin-based Thermoelectrics, Thermionics)

Teaching Interests

Heat Transfer 
Numerical Analysis 
Mechanics of Materials 
High-Performance Computing

Special Interests

Density Functional Theory (DFT) material modeling
First principle modeling of electronic and thermal transport  

Professional Societies

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