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Jason Gross

Assistant Professor - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, West Virginia University 2011 
B.S., Aerospace Engineering, West Virginia University 2007 
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, West Virginia University 2007

Dr. Jason Gross is an assistant professor Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at West Virginia University (WVU), and his research interests are in the area of advanced Guidance, Navigation and Controls (GNC) technologies as they apply to UAVs and small satellites.

Jason received his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from WVU in 2011, where he conducted research on sensor fusion algorithms and flexible UAV avionics systems for fault-tolerant flight controls research. Dr. Gross is also a 2007 graduate of the department's dual Mechanical and Aerospace B.S. program, and was WVU's Student Body President from 2006-2007.

From August 2011 to December 2013, Jason was a Research Technologist in the Near Earth Tracking Applications Group at Caltech's NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). His work at JPL was in the area of GNSS data analysis and processing algorithm development. While at NASA JPL, Dr. Gross supported the modernization of NASA JPL's GPS processing software, was a member of JPL's Flinn GPS orbit analysis team, supported the DGPS subsystem of NASA's UAVSAR and AirMoss airborne radar instruments, and worked on development of multiple CubeSat mission concepts.

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