We have more than 18,000 graduates living throughout the world, and each one of you is an important member of our College family. We're proud of your accomplishments and hope that you will stay involved - by giving our students a tour of your company, providing internships, hiring our graduates, or making a contribution to our programs.

A State of Minds Comprehensive Campaign

More than 125 years have passed since engineering was added to the curriculum at WVU, and there is little that an engineer of 1887 would recognize in our technology-driven, high-velocity, global environment. The basics still apply, of course: forces, physics, and energy. And engineers are a forward-looking bunch-show them something that works better than what they know, and even if they were hard-pressed to imagine it, they will still adopt it, adapt it, understand it, and make it work even better than better.

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Help Recruit Students

If you're interested in helping recruit students to study engineering (or one of our other majors) at WVU, or maybe you know a particular student who you think might be a good fit here, here are two ways that you can help:

Call our Recruitment Office. Representatives in the Statler College recruitment office can provide you with the materials and information you need to help talk with prospective students about engineering at WVU. Call 304.293.0395, or email STATLER-INFO@mail.wvu.edu

Hire an Engineer

Many companies recruit on our campus and seek out our graduates, who are well prepared to succeed in today's workplace. We assist employers in the hiring process in several ways. For information on any of the following, contact Lloyd Ford at 304.293.4370 or lloyd.ford@mail.wvu.edu

Career Resource Center: Our Career Resource Center provides interview rooms for on-campus recruiting, access to MountaineerTRAK, the WVU job search portal, and more. Click here for the Career Resource Center

Engineering and Computer Science Career Fair: Our annual Career Fair, held in the fall, attracts 2,000 of our students seeking information from employers representing the military, government, and private sector, here to recruit for internships, co-ops, and permanent positions. For more information on how you can get involved, email Lloyd Ford at lloyd.ford@mail.wvu.edu

MountaineerTRAK: MountaineerTRAK is WVU's job search portal for students and alumni. To get access to MountaineerTRAK, please send an email to Lloyd Ford at lloyd.ford@mail.wvu.edu. You can log on to MountaineerTRAK by visiting: careerservices.wvu.edu

WVU Statler Group at LinkedIn. The Statler College maintains a very active group on LinkedIn. There, you will find links to recent stories on the College as well as job opportunities in engineering. You can join the group by visiting linkedin.com/groups/WVU-Benjamin-M-Statler-College-2502361/about

If you have any questions, please contact Lloyd Ford, our coordinator of corporate relations and career assistance. at: 304.293.4370 or lloyd.ford@mail.wvu.edu


State support for higher education has decreased everywhere, and West Virginia is no exception. Only a fraction of the cost of a WVU education is supported by the state. The rest comes from tuition, research funding, and private support from alumni and friends.

We are committed to keeping tuition as affordable as possible so that future generations will have access to quality higher education. Therefore, we are extremely grateful to our alumni and friends who provide us with financial support to assist in this effort.

When you make a gift to our College (in any amount, large or small) you are contributing to the education of future generations and to the betterment of our state, nation, and world.

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If you have any questions, please contact Lloyd Ford, our coordinator of corporate relations and career assistance. at: 304.293.4370 or lloyd.ford@mail.wvu.edu